Heyday in Munich: To humans and nature alike, flowers are of immense importance. They possess great symbolic power and with their splendor and diversity they have always captivated us. Flowers Forever is the first comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the art and cultural history of the flower from antiquity to the present. The presentation comprises around 170 works from international collections as well as installations created especially for the exhibition, such as the one shown in the picture from artist Rebecca Louise Law.

Fotocredits: Rebecca Louise Law – Calyx – Installation view 2023

For the artist’s expansive floral sculpture “Calyx”, people in Munich spent an entire year collecting around 100,000 dried flowers. Working in a disused swimming pool, Law then tied these into garlands with the help of volunteers. Her participatory art projects bring people from diverse backgrounds together and connects them and nature in collaboration and respect.


Worth a visit!
The exhibition will be on display until 27th of August 2023.
Free english audio tours are available.

For more information go to: www.kusthalle-muc.de
Kunsthalle München
Theatinerstraße 8
80333 München
Flower Power Festival


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